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lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 10/26/2021 at 04:310 Comments

The decision was made to electrify the antlers.  The copper is so heavy, it might be time to replace the pipe cleaners with copper or orange PLA.  Brown is just dark orange.

These cheaply soldered, unregulated battery powered LEDs were $4 at the homeless despot, but the same hot snotted, unregulated, battery powered goodness can cost up to $30, depending on length.

Brightening the nose is a harder problem.  4 10mm LEDs in a diffuser aren't bright enough. 

There was enough desire to immerse the trail in bright red like the movie to spend more than the minimum but not $50.  Thus arrived the $15 methusela of lightbulbs, the 100W equivalent RGB Cree.

After much onboarding, passwords, & configuration, it was compared to the lion kingdom's previous 4 LED nose with conventional bulb glued on.

It became clear that the brightness per area is the same, but the methusela outputs more light by lighting a larger area than a standard bulb.

The app is an extremely painful way to change colors.  It's obviously intended for someone who wants the light to change color based on time.  Despite all its features, there's no simulation of a fire, a candle or a strobe.  It's just aimed at a multi millionaire homeower or rich gootuber.

It's a lot brighter than the house lights, but it's a lot more expensive, so lions can't complane.

The lion kingdom doesn't have any other use for it & already has a drawer full of unused spiral lights.  Despite its cost, it's actually comparable to the $10 lions paid for the 1st spiral lights.  Generation X was really schmick with its fluorescent spiral lights in 2001.

The teardown revealed it to be junk.

Only the 4 center LEDs are used in color mode.  The white ones are only used in white mode, even if the color mode is white.  The rated brightness on these is for white light only.  Definitely not worth it for color, but still worth it for adjusting the temperature of white light.  The sane way to get colored light is the good old snail mailed COB.

V+ - R- is 13.9 for full red

VBUS is 140 & obviously powers the white LEDs through WH- & WL-.  It would not be possible to run it in white mode without an inverter.

The LEDs are glued on a heat sink which can't be removed.

The money being permanently spent, the only solution was to whack on the $1 dome & call an end to the brief taste of multimillionaire luxury.

The rich gootuber with the $50 Philips Hue lights (not sponsored) & the $1/2 million cabin: