First PCB Prototype / Experiment

A project log for Dual Interleaved CS42448 Chip

16 Audio In & 16 Audio Out using only 5 pins

Paul StoffregenPaul Stoffregen 12/17/2020 at 00:420 Comments

Created a PCB and sent it to OSH Park.

As I usually do, just put the footprints right into the layout and quickly clicked to connect the netlist like me scribbled schematic.

I also brought almost all the signals to 8 pin headers which will mate with a Saleae logic analyzer.  Long ago, when I had more time, I probably would have prototyped this on a breadboard or vector board with point-to-point soldering.  But that takes a lot of time to build.  Took only an hour to quickly connect up all the parts on this PCB.

Of course with a PCB there's a long wait.  I also chose postal shipping on a Digikey order for the 74LVC chips.  Going to put this all aside until the PCB and parts show up.