Klipper OS image for ODROID-C4

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Running Klipper full software stack on ODROID-N2/C4

Dongjin KimDongjin Kim 02/17/2021 at 10:430 Comments

After struggling to install the software modules to run Mainsail with Klipper on ODROID-C4, I've realize that it's not that easy while Raspberry Pi provide already the ready-to-run image. So I've build the image that also provide Klipper/Moonraker/Mainsail as well as KlipperScreen by default so one can flash the image to SD or eMMC and configure the printer configuration in /etc/klippy_config/printer.cfg which is mandatory whatever OS or mainboard is selected to run. Also Klipper MCU firmware must be installed to a control board, but not necessary to build it by oneself since firmwares for popular boards are already installed in /usr/share/klipper/firmwares.

So this is how it works with the image.