The Open Source Program

A project log for Alice Open Source Exoskeleton 2021 Update

Open Source, Child-Focused Leg Exoskeleton for accessibility in developing communities.

jess-tamez-duqueJesús Tamez-Duque 01/22/2021 at 22:080 Comments

Since the beginning, our aim was to create as much -real- impact as possible. Any Pediatric Exoskeleton is already a big deal which can surely benefit many children, but we couldn’t stop thinking that even if prices were accessible, there would always be someone we wouldn’t be able to get to.

We decided to propose an Open Source Model paired with a Sharing and Collaborating Program to ensure that the design wouldn’t just go into a repository where people wouldn’t really know what to do with it. An exoskeleton is a complex machine which can really make use of a bit of instruction and support in order to be successfully built and run. We want to help makers around the world really get into the technology, and we want to push collaboration beyond our own capabilities as well!

Because of the children-focused nature of Alice, and due to the fact that it operates with high levels of current with moving parts which could very well damage someone’s limbs if not operated properly, we provide free access to the codes, designs and reference material after a screening process which ensures only people with basic engineering experience and aptitude attempt to build and use the device. We want to make sure Alice helps children, and we want to make sure nobody is damaged through what we have made.

If you want to build your own exoskeleton, make sure to request full access through this link.

We have a growing community in Italy, Greece, the USA, Chile, México, India, Ecuador, and more; and we would love to have you with us!

See you there and until the next log! :)