Modular PSU & Soldering station

Universal enclosure that can be used as a lab power supply, soldering station or combination of two.

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The goal of this project is to create a universal enclosure that can be used as a lab power supply, soldering station or combination of two.

Enclosure consists out of main body and front panel.

Main body is designed to be easily 3D printed in one piece without any supports.

Front panel is designed to be cut from 3mm thick tinted plexiglass sheet or 3D printed. On the front panel there are mounting holes for Ruideng DPS3003/5 power supply modules and/or Ksger T12 soldering iron controller. In general, a front panel for any combination or type of modules can be made, since outline dimensions are provided.

To power everything there is space for two Meanwell LRS-100-24 power supplies in the main body part. They each can provide 24 volts @ 4.5A. 100 watts of power per channel is enough for any soldering iron or lab power supply hobbyist may use. They each have a small voltage adjusting potentiometer that can be used to increase output voltage by few volts.

Use of quick connect terminals is not a must. Soldering will do just fine. Just make sure to insulate solder joints.


This project uses main voltages that are deadly. Please use proper safety and follow wiring schematics and instructions outlined in video.

Before powering double check your wiring and before first use test output voltages(polarity and values).


3D models, Wiring schematics, Bill of materials, DXF drawings.

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    Things you will need

    Bill of materials(quantity depends on your configuration):

    This is everything(almost) laid out on the table:

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    Wiring instructions

    For wiring schematics refer to images below(pdfs also available). First image shows wiring diagram for unit with two DPS3005 modules, while second one shows unit with one DPS3005 and KSGER T12 module. For more information about assembly refer to video above. 

    Your wiring should look something like this:

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    All done. YAY!

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ハイエナ お母さん wrote 16 hours ago point

Really good project. Do you have any plans to add a hot air solder reflow handset to make it a triple whammy? Solder/Solder Reflow station and Dual bench PSU would be perfect

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tinkerzone wrote a day ago point

Hi, Can you confirm that the wiring diagram is correct? I'm finding it very confusing with the Red wires going to the Negatives, and black to positives

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Mile wrote 17 hours ago point

There were some labeling mistakes. They are corrected now.

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Tony wrote 3 days ago point

I took a quick look at the files - do you publish the slicer settings you used for the enclosure? I'm most interested in the filament you used and resolution. Do you think this requires PETG or ABS, or would PLA work? (I wonder if the heat generated by the power supplies could potentially deform PLA?)

I plan on making a PSU/soldering station version once I'm comfortable enough with my printer to entrust a 2-day print to it.

Thank you for sharing such beautiful and functional work!

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Yopo wrote 2 days ago point

I printed it on my Anycubic i3 Mega with PLA, 0.3mm thickness and no support structure. There were no problems printing and with 0.3mm it already looks very good.

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Tony wrote a day ago point

Good info, thank you - have you used the enclosure yet? My concern is about PLA's tendency to soften in things like hot cars; I wonder if it might be a bad choice if the PSUs put out enough heat.

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Yopo wrote 20 hours ago point

No, I have not tested it yet. I ordered the parts last Saturday and unfortunately they will take a while to arrive. I don't think the power supplies are particularly hot/warm, there are also more than enough ventilation holes.

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Tony wrote 11 hours ago point

Right on. I will order my parts and print with the same general settings. The case is very ventilated at the very least, and it looks like the likely hottest parts are air-adjacent, not directly against the plastic anyway. I've been having a hell of a time trying to print PETG properly; I'd rather just do PLA because I know it'll print beautifully. Thanks!

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Eric Bidault wrote 4 days ago point

Nice project! This enclosure is beautiful, would love to get the fusion project.

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Benjamin Prescher wrote 7 days ago point

Well done! I really like the design. Is there a link to Thingiverse for this? If the housing could be parameterized, it would certainly be a great fit for many projects. Best Ben

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Mile wrote 5 days ago point

Thank you. There are 3d models attached in the “FILES” section. I posted previous versions on Thingiverse, but I gave up on it since the site is broken. They have bugs that go back a few years and are still not fixed to this day. Step file is included so everyone can make small changes to it. If someone needs, I can send a fusion360 project.

In future revisions I may provide a parametric defined model, but I can't make any promises.

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