Emulator Running

A project log for MK-52 Resurrect

A Programmable Calculator from the USSR!

ptravptrav 01/16/2021 at 22:590 Comments

The initial code for the emulator has been completed. The 320x240 TFT screen is emulated, identical to the hardware. Full AUTO mode is working, as well as a step-by-step program execution (with ПП). The Start/Pause (С/П) button is disconnected for now.

In AUTO mode, the program performs all RPN functions, all functions marked with yellow letters (activated with F), and all functions marked with blue letters (activated with K). The calculator emulates "switching off" with A-Cx and "switching on" with Cx. Programs can be loaded with Program menu (the file manager on TFT screen is not yet done). Trigonometric modes can be changed with ↑↓ key between Degrees, Radian, and Grads.

Note that buttons A↑ and ↑↓ have been swapped for aesthetic / logical reasons - this also will be done in hardware.  

Now the plan is to port the AUTO mode into ESP32.