fix BMU

A project log for Fixing iMIEV Battery Management System

As my iMIEV has the old LEV50 cells, Mitsubishi was not willing to fix my battery. Throw away the car because of a broken IC?

mb0dm3rmb0dm3r 01/17/2021 at 16:250 Comments

I've actually had the plan to replace the LTC6802, but unfortunately it had a very small pin pitch and I am not so good at soldering. That's why I've odered some secondhand BMU PCBs found on Ebay. They unfortunately did not have the correct ID (01 and 12, I need 06) that's why I've decided to move the EEPROM from the original PCB to a new one.

On this occasion I've pulled a dump of each EEPROM using an Minipro EEPROM reader. See the *.srec files in the project documentation.