Cartridge mount prototype

A project log for HP printer cartridge control module

HP 63/302/123/803 cartridge control module with 3D printable mount.

Pavel SemenovPavel Semenov 02/26/2021 at 12:430 Comments

The first almost successful prototype of the mount:

It's the first time i deal with 3D printing and the second design I have tried to print. First design was really not so good as I expected:

It's printed with FDM printer and precision is not enough for this project, so the second time I have printed on SLA printer with ABS-like resin.

Second design fits pretty well with cartridge:

The pins are positioned fairly accurately, it can be seen by the scratches on on contact pads of the cartridge:

First time I have seen printed mount, I thought that many of the contacts will touch each other, but only CSYNC and D3 touches.

Next try I'll fix it and will try to connect to PCB which will be ready soon.