Can this thing work as an XInput gamepad? Some notes about it

A project log for NES Mini Controller USB Adapter with attiny85

An adapter to use a (S)NES Mini Controller as a USB gamepad made with an attiny85

albert-gonzalezAlbert Gonzalez 05/24/2021 at 19:580 Comments

Emulating a "regular" HID gamepad is cool but, it's possible to use V-USB to have a valid XInput device like the XBox Controllers?

Those controllers are full-speed USB devices, and the only types the V-USB library can handle are the low-speed ones so, maybe... not...?

Well, I tried a couple of things and manage to have a valid low-speed XInput device BUT with very limited support (only the "non-analogic" buttons). Also, I'm pretty sure this is a totally non-standard movement and it will eventually crash, fail or just stop working :_ D

I wrote a post about this on my website with some aditional documentation, links and some code comments, so check it out if you're interested in it!

(I'll add a new update if, at some point, I manage to have a more functional solution, but meanwhile I think this will be the last log for a while)