The SMD boards are here!

A project log for NES Mini Controller USB Adapter with attiny85

An adapter to use a (S)NES Mini Controller as a USB gamepad made with an attiny85

albert-gonzalezAlbert Gonzalez 03/11/2022 at 14:120 Comments

So the SMD boards are finally here! I ordered five of them and started testing the first one (and it works as expected! : D).

The board came fully assembled except for the biggest and more "external" components (micro socket, led and wiimote connector) but beside the five-to-ten minutes soldering time it's kinda "plug and play"! : D

I need to run some additional tests (and maybe design a fancy case for the whole device) but chances are that this will be the final-release-ready-to-be-deployed-to-the-world! Stay tuned!