Arduino oscilloscope with a web interface

Using nothing but an Arduino Uno, serial communication and a web interface to create a simple 50KHz oscilloscope.

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“A picture is worth a thousand words” - this statement stands true even in the realm of electronics. Oscilloscopes are the photo cameras of electrical signals. Although a professional oscilloscope would be the best choice, sometimes as a hobbyist you just need a simple, yet practical way of analyzing signals.

Arduino Uno comes equipped with just the right component for the job to create a simple yet precise oscilloscope that could handle signals up to 25KHz. It can do this with the help of the ADC (analog to digital converter) that can be tweaked to handle different sampling frequencies by manually modifying its registries.

  • 1 × Arudino UNO

  • 1
    Burn the Arduscope firmware to your Arudino Uno board.

    Arduscope firmware is available here.

  • 2
    Install Arduino Create Agent

    A piece of software that handles the serial communication between the Arduino board and the Arduscope web interface. 

    Installation link here.

  • 3
    Configure Arduino Create Agent to accept requests from Arduscope web interface.

    Arduscope web interface is available here.

    You will have to find the installation folder for arduino-create-agent. The location of this folder depends on your operating system:

    • MacOS: /Users/[your-username]/Applications/ArduinoCreateAgent/

    Under this folder you should see a config.ini file that is the main configuration file used by the Arduino Web IDE. To make the Arduino Agent accept connection from our web interface, create a new configuration file arduscope.ini, and paste the following lines:

    gc = std
    name = arduscope
    origins =
    crashreport = true

     This will enable CORS for the URL, where the Arduscope web interface sits.

    • Restart Arduino Agent. You should find the agent in your tray bar.
    • From the dropdown menu select our new configuration profile: Arduscope - Config Menu

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