[H6X] State of the build #5

A project log for [HEX]POD - Climate Tracker & Digital Nose

A versatile sensor platform with expansion and customisation capabilities [dev]

ebendereBender 01/10/2022 at 04:040 Comments

alpha 11.0

New design Sketches for custom PCBs:

New PCB sketch

PCB prototyping, 3D printing, new designs.

I hit power path and size limitations with my breadboard prototype spider for while...
and then i was offered sponsoring by PCBway. love when things come together by themselves.

So, i already started the PCB design and tests of the 3D printed enclosure.
I scaled down the prototype a little bit. Basically temporarily taking out half
of the battery, 1 sensor and the Spotlight LED. Makes it a much sleeker device
and prototyping slightly easier. I can scale up again after the first successful PCBs.
Gotta keep in mind that i want to keep it somewhat modular, space for expansion and user accessible.

Change-log [a10.2 -> alpha 11.0]

PCB#1 Design

PCB#1 - ESP32, Multiplexer, Screens, User I/O, USB-C UART

PCB#2 - Sensors, GPS, SD card reader

PCB#3 - Power supply, BMS, USB-C controllers plugs, temp sensors

PCB#4 - LED matrix diffuse, PWM Led controllers, temp sensors, Thermal Camera?

thanks PCBway for sponsoring, excited to see the first one!


First sizing prototypes:  Video Size Check

The other reason i had a bit of a break on this project is because i was stuck with the Aluminium part fabrication, so i finally bought an Ender 3v2 which will make the prototyping so much easier and faster. Also much easier to combine custom PCBs and 3D prints.

And also i built a DSLR Servo Follow Focus and a Cinema LED Panel in the meantime. good practice...

Code a10.2 - > alpha 11.0

Plan is to move to RTOS or Taskmanager based OS in this version (alpha 11.0). It will be built up
from the ground to slim it up and make it more efficient. Getting to that after the PCBs are running.

Airflow rough Sketch

shoot me a message if you want to join or help.