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ebendereBender 12/10/2022 at 09:030 Comments

Alpha 11.0 to 11.2 - PCB Updates

An update on my first testing with PCB design from version a11.0 to a11.1.
First of all PCBway did a beautiful job manufacturing the PCBs! All errors and bugs are from my inexperienced design. Thanks to them for the support! 

What worked:

What i did wrong: 

Assembly of the previous version 11.0, which you can see here. It had an unfixable error with the USB-UART Bridge and non-available multiplexer, so i went on to the next one. (always double-check the schematics!)

Alpha 11.1 Working:

PCB#1 - Alpha 11.1 Front

Back (manufactured by PCBway)

Next up...

a fully redesigned Alpha 11.2 and testable working prototype

I got some help to do an overhaul of the entire pcb designs, to make sure they are properly designed and so i don't have to keep reiterating too many times. The power and lamp side with PCB#3 + 4 will have to wait for now.

Design is already done and to be sent out to PCBway for manufacturing. Again, great gratitude to them for sponsoring, couldn't do it without them!

Alpha 11.2 Changes to PCB 1 + 2:

PCB#1 - Alpha 11.2 Front


PCB#2 - Alpha 11.2 Front