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A project log for Edog - Mini 3D printed Quadruped Robot ✨

Hi, I'm edog, I'm a robotic project under development. I will participate to the eurobot cup 2021 in July and will become open source

gaultier-lecaillonGaultier Lecaillon 02/14/2021 at 11:530 Comments

As explain, edog will participate in the Eurobot cup. 

To do so, I need to know the robot position in (x, y) on the table. But I can't use embedded lidar or using triangulation due to its small size and its limited capacity to carry heavy components. 

So What I will attempt to do is using a beacon with a camera and estimate the position giving a video flux.

This beacon is composed with an NVIDIA Jetson Nano 2gb board, a TPLink Nano Router, a 7inch touchscreen and a DC converter to 5v and 5A. that allow to used 3s to 6s lipo to power up the sytem.

Here an exemple of the team ARIG Robotique (more infos here)

Step #1: original video

Step #2: Optical distortion usgin OpenCv in python

Step #3: projection in an orthonormal coordinate system