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A project log for N**** Style Home Info System

A Home Info System (a.k.a Clock) Which displays the Time, Date, Humidity, Temperature, Barometric pressure and Moon Phase

SephenDeVosSephenDeVos 02/01/2021 at 19:270 Comments

One unit is build up from 8 stacked 45mm by 83.5mm laser-cut plates.

1 - 6 are 3.5mm plywood. 7 white acrylic 3mm. 8 smoke/grey acrylic 3mm.

1) Back. 2) Space for the wires. 3) Mounting plate for the Led breakout boards. 4) Alignment plate for the Led breakout boards. 5&6) light guides to direct the light. 7) diffusion/projection plate. 8) dimming plate.