First longtime trips with the Beamboarder

A project log for The Beamboarder

Create a magnetic 4 watt high power LED head lamp for applications like longboards out of an old hard disk drive for less than 25 $.

LyonLyon 07/13/2014 at 16:560 Comments

We made several longtime tests  in the last days on the Vennbahn next to Aachen to test the new optic with the space blanket. The results are really amazing. The optic is now ideal for mounting it on the kingpin of your trucks. Much less of the light is swallowed and other road users are not dazzled. On MelloMas’s board we found a way to fixture the battery without an additional plate:

The best experiences we made with the Lichtbohne design. It’s the the savest, lightest und simplest way to get lighting on your board. It was impossible to lose the lamp or the battery without really hard impact. On the kingpin the temperature kept in an acceptable range:

You can also see the slugs we meet on the road still on the board :).

We also tried to film the Beamboarder in action. This was really a challenge in darkness but we found a way to create acceptable footage. The video will follow soon. Try to stay informed.