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A small pedalboard to enable home recording and performance during lockdown

craig-hissettCraig Hissett 08/05/2021 at 09:371 Comment

OSC Testing - works really well.

Using the below guide I was able to connect the TouchOSC app on my phone to a reaper install on my laptop; provides simple control over existing tracks and channels with very little latency, which is great. This means that, in theory, I don't need to use VNC to be able to control reaper.

Setup REAPER · TouchOSC Mk1 |

It also means that there is an existing OSC convention for controlling the controls of Reaper.

As long as I can use different ones for controlling the sound effects software then we are onto a winner with the single ethernet shielded Arduino controlling the show.


Craig Hissett wrote 08/05/2021 at 09:41 point

I've also added picked up an Alesis Core1 interface for this project.

It has a single jack/XLR input, so perfect for passing audio from the pisound to the Recording environment. I just need to a TRS to 2 x TS splitter cable to give me two separate mono outs from the pisound; one as a live output and one for recording :-)

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