A project log for Hot wire foam cutter

A power supply, bow and table for cutting foam with a hot wire

QuinnQuinn 04/04/2021 at 18:340 Comments

For a first project I wanted to cut out some wing profiles for a DLG.  For this initial project, I only wanted 20" span, so a big easier to handle.

I cut out some wooden guides to pin to each end.

These are the wing profiles from the model plans I'm basing it from.  See (tbd) project for more details.

I tried simply drilling some holes and pinning them to the ends with trial cuts.  I found the lead in and lead out  were awkward and didn't allow smooth motion, so wasn't a clean cut.  I glued on a steel pole to act as a lead in, and it worked much better.

Here is that, pinned to an edge, post cutting.  (I cut two out of the block, so the other is also visible.)

Note that I've left the cut pieces in provide support in future cuts.  

Cutting creates a lot of very thin hairs, though they are easily sanded off.  You can see the all over the surface as well as out the end of the cut.

I did several practice cuts before working to make the final pieces.  

Tricks I learned:

Overall it works fantastic, though takes a little practice.  The last set I did turned out fantastic, with very little sanding needed.  This will probably be my go-to method of making wing profiles in the future.