Leg Test Stand Parts and Assembly

A project log for NOMAD Quadrupedal Robot

Medium-sized 12-DOF Quadruped Robot inspired by MIT Cheetah and Boston Dynamics Spot Mini

implemented-roboticsImplemented Robotics 02/27/2021 at 01:570 Comments

After quite the lengthy wait thanks to the big winter storm throughout the US last week I finally got my parts order from OpenBuilds.  With these parts here it is time to build the NOMAD leg test stand!

OpenBuilds items always come well packed.  Not a single marred surface to be found:

Bad thing about well packed items is that it takes FOREVER to get everything cracked open!  Still ways to go after getting through that first layer:

Whew.  That was a chore to get those parts out.  Here they are laid out and ready to start assembly:

Started with the base first and here it is assembled:

I always question my order of operations when dealing with extruded aluminum.  Next time I may go with the drop in T-Nuts to avoid planning having the right amount of T-Nuts in all the correct channels before they get closed off from assembling other parts.  Anyway after a few back and forths here we it all assembled with the leg on the linear track.  All that is left now if to get the E-Stop switch, wiring and controller done to run some stress tests.  Getting REALLY close to seeing some physical moment!