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A project log for Cracking comms for a cheap Chinese servos

finding a way to control a servo without any datasheet

EloiVilaltaEloiVilalta 03/30/2022 at 21:031 Comment

I got the small servo and it uses an "ATMEL SAMD10U 822B TW 18224YS" main board (looks like "SAM D10D 24-pin QFN" to me from the datasheet) and the chip on the back side is an "MPJJ 6515 800". But I could not find any datasheet.

SAM D10 datasheet pinout:

At the side of the board is written: " 2KG_D10YS_V0_04 PCB".

Sharing some new pictures here:

I'm reverse engineering the circuit to see if we can work with it.

Future work, check the compatibility with this codes:
Codes of the findings above can be found here:


cbruner wrote 08/09/2022 at 22:36 point

I've got some of these on their way. Glad to have found your page. Hopefully we can figure it out :)

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