rewiring joysticks

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Quick simple robot project.

pRoFiTpRoFiT 03/20/2021 at 05:380 Comments

Okay so I'm at a stand still on work. Got pulled into another project for a little while. I'll be back on this soon.

Started rewiring the joysticks but I'm out of clearance for the wires. Did not plan for it. So i think i need to make them just the right length so i can close up the controller case.

Then i can start working on some more Code to send the controls over WIFI. I have a basic idea of what i need to do. Shouldn't be too difficult. Sending from ESP32 to Maixduino micro python, should be fun. Thinking maybe JSON? or a simple String BYTE arrangement with bits for buttons and a couple bits for joystick values. Or if I can build a struct with all values and then convert them back on the other side....May need to have a send port and a receive port. so I can receive info back from the robot. Like power levels etc...

Stay tuned.