Add wind direction sensor

A project log for wind weather station

This is a product match the anemometer to measure the wind speed, also provide other interfaces and sensor to measure tem, hum, and so on.

MakerfabsMakerfabs 05/27/2021 at 09:400 Comments

As your saw in the store, we provide the control board and anemometer that basic of the weather station. To better, I decided to make it to a waterproof, pretty one.

First, a wind direction sensor is necessary for the weather station, so I purchased one online. And in the process of purchasing, I had met an issue about the kind of wind direction sensor: what kind should I choose, the current output one, voltage output one, and support RS485 one? According to the board and schematic, the one which power by 5V  and output 5V is the best choice.

In fact, the interface for PM2.5 on board provides the 5V, the GND, one channel ADC and so on, which is also suitable for wind direction interface. As the picture, the sensor outputs 0~5V level and the microcontroller will receive 0~3.3V level. 

After I received the indicator, I had to remake the interface that the original interface does not work.