Fall down

A project log for wind weather station

This is a product match the anemometer to measure the wind speed, also provide other interfaces and sensor to measure tem, hum, and so on.

MakerfabsMakerfabs 06/25/2021 at 10:210 Comments

It is so sad that the station falling down, I did not even know how it falls down.  it is fortunate that the anemometer and wind transducer are not damaged and still working well.

What happens since I put the station to the roof?

I checked the update in the Thinkspeak every two hours since that, and the data is working well. I thought the station would be continued to work that I paid less attention to it. 

Until the seven days passed, I found the data in the Thinkspeak did not change anymore which reminded me something happened for it. 

I had checked it once again, and the reason fell dwon was that the station support was unstable. The solar panel holder has been broken, and others are lucky.  

I had to remake the solar panel holder again and add some metarials to fix the supports stability.

All is why the data did not update in the thingspeak  in the past few weeks.