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Nikola SecerovskiNikola Secerovski 03/27/2021 at 11:180 Comments

This is the current stage of the air IO valve component, here are some images:

Working part of the air IO valve assembly consists of 3010 (30mmx30mmx10mm) fan, small motor with planetary gearbox, that drives the rack of the valve disc, hall effect sensor, that in combination with the magnetic disk on the end of the motor shaft creates an encoder, used to position valve disk, and small limit switch in the top of the rack sliding slot (To be able to determine valves disk top position). Air IO valves are connected to the top part of the plant pod using pogo pins, and uses I2C protocol to communicate with the rest of the system. These valves are optional, and device can be used with or without them, or in some other configuration (Ono valve, one heater etc.)