Apr. 08, UPDATE

A project log for build an LC Meter

An open source LC-Meter, which is very accurate and easy to build. All the documentation included.

core-weavercore weaver 04/08/2021 at 16:210 Comments

I've corrected some mistakes on the original schematic and updated the whole files archive.

The R14 in the schematic was reported as too low. Together with R12 this resistor forms a voltage divider for the LCD's reset line. I must've accidentally switched the values of R12 with R14's. Although the old value (1k2) was ok on my board (and that's why I didn't detected the typo), a higher value (3k9) for the R14 resistor is preferable.

I also redesigned three parts of the LC Meter's case. The new version will use 4 additional screws which will hold the bottom side and the mid section together. This will ensure a tighter fit of the case parts. I also slightly modified the battery cover to provide better access. I didn't manage to test print the new parts and that's why I still didn't include the updated STL files in the Apr. 08 UPDATE. As soon as the new parts will pass the test I will make them public and re-update the archive.