13 year old monitor returns to valhalla

A project log for Convert a junk LCD monitor into a picture frame

Failed attempt to convert a giant, obsolete LCD monitor into a picture frame

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 04/11/2021 at 21:300 Comments

It was the lion kingdom's 1st full size monitor which wasn't a CRT. To someone who lived through the technological adolescence of the 1980's, the original LCD watches, the plasma TV's, passive matrix LCD's, supertwist LCD's, it was still remarkable to see the evolution of all those steps encapsulated in a 4 million pixel sheet of glass.

It was more solid than expected.  The flat flex cables didn't disintegrate on contact.  Only the logic board had problems.

The glass itself might have been thin & light enough to easily hang on a wall, but a comparably thin backlight would have been a fortune.  The best vintage monitor for converting into a picture frame might be the original 30" Apple cinema.  It had a separate power supply, which allowed it to be thinner.  Then, a $100 investment in a more efficient LED backlight would do the job.  It still might be cheaper than a new 2560x1600 monitor.  The trick is the LED's have to be purpose built omnidirectional for a TV rather than common strip LED's.