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A project log for DJI FPV Investigations

Things I've learned about the DJI FPV quadcopter.

Duane DegnDuane Degn 03/18/2021 at 16:501 Comment

DJI FPV uses a 6-cell 200mah LiPo battery. 

Taking apart the battery is much easier than taking apart the battery in the DJI RoboMaster S1. The FPV battery is held together with two screws and liberal amounts of double sided tape.

After removing the two hex screws the top panel needs to be pried away. I used a flat head screw driver but this did leave marks.

Hopefully the following photos will allow anyone else to open their battery with less damage than done to mine.

The rest of the battery enclosure is held on with double sided tape. I was able to carefully separate the various parts with a bit of prying.

The white blob in the center of the battery pouches is a thermistor held in place with a bit of Silastic. The back side of the battery is sitting on the top cover to keep the double sided tape from sticking to my background paper. The smaller black rectangle on the left of the photo is the piece which would normally be connected to the back of the battery pack.

The photos above and below show the battery management circuits.

This last photo shows the plastic shell used to protect the battery.

The battery has what looks like five connections. I see only four wires coming from the connector which are soldered to the PCB.

I plan to investigate the communication between the battery and the quadcopter as well as the communication between the battery and the charger.


Joseph wrote 03/22/2021 at 11:01 point

Hi, great tear down! Just a typo in your first sentence. It should be 2000mAh, not 200mAh capacity. Thanks again for the tear down.

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