It's A Light Belt!

A project log for The Electric Flapper Dress

A sound-reactive dress with DIY fiber optic fabric

Julie BarrettJulie Barrett 03/30/2021 at 18:340 Comments

This step gets me to the top of the "hump" in the project!

I ended up ordering a snap setter attachment - and compatible snaps - for my bench press grommet setter, and boy, did that move things along! I had a couple of missteps, but they will not be seen.

My first task was to add snaps to the belt. 

Those white bits are chalk marks. 

Next, I put the lights back in place and marked off where I would insert grommets into the belt. It turned out to be one grommet for every two lights. I can always add more grommets and snaps if I need to, but there's no use in adding more unless it's necessary.

Here's a video of the lights in action. The belt is a bit saggy because the dress form has collapsed a bit from my measurements. The main thing is that it fits me. 

My next job is to get the fiber optic/tulle "fabric" in place.