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A project log for The Electric Flapper Dress

A sound-reactive dress with DIY fiber optic fabric

Julie BarrettJulie Barrett 04/17/2021 at 22:440 Comments

(Update 4/19: I'm taking a short break in order to take care of some family business. I also realized that I had forgotten to spray paint the bulb housings, so that will be next. I can work that around the family stuff. The plan is to paint them silver, then follow up with black. I hope to have an update on 4/25 or 4/30.)

The fiber/netting bits are mostly finished. The top I ordered seems to work. Pardon the messy work area and the wires, but this is what it looks like now.

I need to dress the top up a bit. Maybe some pearls and/or some extra lace. But for now, it works. I also like the idea of a contrasting belt to break up the black. (Another update: After I moved the belt up a couple of inches, it looks like the original lace overlay for the bodice is going to work. Whee!)

Tomorrow I'll try it on and figure out where to cut the tulle/fiber to length. 

Here's a video: