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PyDrewPyDrew 03/29/2021 at 03:460 Comments

With all the different variations of the Cherokee, Wagoneer and Comanche, it's no wonder that AMC struggled through the 1980s. The Comanche alone had 9 different trim lines, two different bed lengths (a short at 5' and a long at 8') , two different engine sizes and either a manual or automatic transmission. Add in all the different combinations of the Cherokees and Wagoneers options available, it doesn't seem that AMC believed in economies of scale.

Renix created electronics that supported both the 2.5 and 4L engines as well as for the automatic transmissions and anti-lock braking systems of that era. Currently, the RenixPi project supports the 4L engine decoding only as the MJs were never offered with ABS and my MJ has a manual transmission.

If anyone is interested in support for A/T or ABS, please leave a comment. Happy to implement if it's of value to others; otherwise, I'll be focusing on Little Bo' : )

Little Bo' (Jeep) wheeling in her first spring thaw
looking oddly clean for the the spring mud of upstate NY
fall in connecticut, sporting rock sliders to keep the rocker panels safe and a new vented hood to keep the notoriously overheating inline-6 nice and cool
keeping the frame rust free post-wheeling at a car wash in pennsylvania