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Renix Diagnostics for RaspberryPi

PyDrewPyDrew 04/14/2021 at 12:120 Comments

Tying in a 3A dc-to-dc convertor to the ignition switched power is simple and works great. A manual transmission (especially when crawling over rocks) increases the risk of rebooting unexpectedly when the engine stalls and needs restarting. And while there are reports of corrupted SD cards due to reboots, mine seems to not care that it gets shut off and on and off and on.

I've explored a few different other options and here are my thoughts...

UPS with battery, PiJuice (left); Juice4Halt (right) uses capacitors.

While it hasn't arrived yet, I went with the SleepyPi and will share my hands-on thoughts when it does.