Log #3

A project log for Pool Temperature Monitor

Pool temperature monitor using PVC pipe, ESP32 and a DS18B20

BlakeBlake 04/15/2021 at 17:060 Comments

The pool temperature monitor has been in the pool on and off for a few weeks with mixed results.  It would not always connect to wifi and even when it did there were issues publishing to Adafruit IO.  After swapping in a new ESP32 board and some code enhancements, it is now updating regularly every 30 minutes.  I will continue monitoring the battery usage to determine when the battery needs to be swapped out.  The good news is so far, there have been no moisture issues inside the PVC and the 3D printed float piece seems to be holding up well to the chlorine/sun.

The battery voltage was optimized for the previous ESP32 which was underrepresenting the voltage.  I'll need additional code changes to get it to be more accurate for this board.