Boost converter arrived

A project log for Portable 100W led flashlight

A monster flashlight containing a 100W 8500Lm led with big heatsinks and batteries. With morse function to tell the night goodbye.

yannick-gigawipfYannick (Gigawipf) 07/07/2014 at 10:400 Comments

Some minutes ago the new 600w constant current boost converter arrived.

Sadly some capacitors were damaged and broken off the board.  duh. what a mess. Bent in all directons.

This is how it arrived:

Managed to solder them back on and they seem to work fine. (not exploded in my face :P)

Constant current is set to 3,2A and maximum Voltage to around 35v as there is a drop in the wires and the pwm mosfet.

The booster has only two transistors but three holes in the heatsink so i screwed my mosfet onto the heatsink.

I can now control the brightness with an arduino and a potentiometer. The arduino will do a fade if the pot is turned fast and i want some kind of exponential curve as the high settings have almost no change and the first values with high brightness changes are very close to each other on the pot.