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This is a simple project using an e Ink Display and a Pi Zero to show the current weather at a specified location. For the Python code I mainly used parts of the examples provided by pimoroni. I was thinking about using the e Ink display as robots face and so I came up with this idea.
At first I thought about using different colors (i.e. red for hot temperature) and simple pictograms etc. but then I decided to use the most simple way by using emoticons which also makes the presentation of the weather data more interesting and fun. For Example: ? _ ? = fog, ~_~ = cloudy, ! _ ! = storm, * _ * = snow, and so on . I specially like fog :-D. Inside is just a Lipo Battery, a converter/charger and a power switch. The output cables are then connected to the raspberry pi zero as you can see in the pictures.
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • 1 × Pimoroni Inky pHAT
  • 1 × LiPo Battery 3,7V
  • 1 × PowerBoost 1000 Charger - Rechargeable 5V Lipo USB Adafruit
  • 1 × Switch

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