Hexagon honeycomb key holder

A modular magnetic key hanger to organize your keys in an artistic way.

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We made this key hanger to organize our keys in a fun way.

The key holders are modular so if you print more than one you can hang them in your own configuration.

We inserted strong neodymium magnets to ensure that the keychains stay in place.
These key holder and keychains are printed in PLA.

The key holder can be mounted with double sided tape.


Hanger 10x1.5 magnet.stl

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 57.89 kB - 04/22/2021 at 07:07



Standard Tesselated Geometry - 51.64 kB - 04/22/2021 at 07:07


Hanger 8x1 magnet.stl

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 56.72 kB - 04/22/2021 at 07:07



Standard Tesselated Geometry - 19.42 kB - 04/22/2021 at 07:07


  • 7 × 10mm x 1.5mm magnet for the base
  • 7 × 10mmx1.5mm magnet for the keychains* * If the hanger only needs to hold 1 key you can also use 8mm x 1mm magnets.
  • 7 × Keychain
  • 1 × Your choice of (different colours of) PLA filament

  • 1
    Print instructions

    Caution! This print requires parts to be inserted mid-print. These margins work for my printer but may differ for yours.

    (I didn't use a multi color printer, in theory this should be possible for the base and frame. Let me know if you did!)

    • First, print the base (top down for the best result).
    • Then, slice the frame with a pause (or "color change") on 2.6 mm so that you can insert the base.
    • Print the hangers with a pause (or "color change") on 1.8 mm so that you can insert the magnet.

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