First Try Results

A project log for 3D Print Time lapses Without Octoprint

In this project, I upgraded my 3D printer to be able to capture time-lapses of the prints without any additional electronics.

setCREATEsetCREATE 04/23/2021 at 21:480 Comments

Today I tested the time-laps feature for the first time. the video below is the final result.

(sorry Im reale tired to upload a video on YT rn, its 2am, so I just share a link to the video on Instagram)

As you can see, the time laps is not good at all, which means it needs some modifications.

First of all, the lighting.

As you can see the lighting is really bad and it changes constantly. a small part of it is caused by me walking in my room and blocking the light, but the major part is caused by the phone not being able to focus at the right spot and change the scene saturation at the right time. the first part can be solved easily with a constant source of light on the subject.

But the second part is a bit difficult. it needs to be fixed in both software and hardware. for the hardware fix, I need to mess with the phone camera settings a bit, which is hard because my old Galaxy J7 doesn't give me a lot of options in the camera app... but the G-Code mod should be easier, I need to add a dely before taking the picture so the camera will have enough time to correct the scene lighting.

The second annoying thing about the footageis the camera moving. I placed the camera mount on the same desk that the printer is sitting on, leading to the mount shaking.

 all I have to do is to place it on the ground or to an another desk.

The third problem, is the focus. This part is kinda out of focus in the footage and I dont like it. this can also be fixed within the G-Code.

And the fourth and the most important one is the camera turning off. It seems like that all Samsung phones, have a feature/problem that the camera app will close itself automatically after a minute or so of inactivity. I dont have any idea of how to fix it rn, I'll be happy if anyone  could help me.