1st major heat wave

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A spinoff of heroineclock II from the days before 3D printing

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 06/17/2021 at 19:020 Comments

The 1st major heat wave since the weather station's introduction in 2020 came to pass.  Although it was functioning for the great heat wave of 2020, it wasn't fully debugged.  The idea was knowing outdoor & indoor temperatures would allow better timing for moving air into the room & thereby keep it coolor.

What lions noticed is the indoor temperature rises when cooler outside air is moved in in the morning.  The indoor temperature falls when hotter outside air is moved in in the evening.  Wunderground data shows the weather station is 3-5 degrees hotter in the evening & 3-5 degrees cooler in the morning than the air.  It's affected by the heat of the building.  The building lags the air by a few hours.

A lion can mentally compensate for the lag, but it's too tempting to move air in when the outside temperature is reported as cooler, even though the inside temperature is clearly rising.