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lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 06/21/2021 at 17:460 Comments

The 1st heatwave of the year kicked off a growing interest in abandoning the apartment weather station.  

There were theories that it would be close to the actual temperature except a few hours when it was in sunlight, or it would match the air pulled into the apartment.  It's off in the morning when the building is colder than ambient air & evening when the building is hotter than ambient air, leaving few meaningful readings at all.  The amount it's off is highly variable.  Wunderground has proven more useful for pulling outside air in.  Lions have come to rely on wunderground the same as they did before.  There's no getting around needing a few million doll hairs of land to measure temperature.  

A better idea is having the LED panel show an average of wunderground temperatures with the raspberry pi logging apartment temperatures.  The apartment weather station would switch to being viewed in a web page.  The trick is when wunderground was down or the neighbors realized they could buy small countries with their equity & sold their houses, the LED panel wouldn't have anything to show.  Wunderground's database was down for the last 5 years of acquisitions, but it's recently been more reliable. 

It might have been more practical to have a weather station when wunderground was down most of the time.  Wunderground was bought by a number of corporations over the last 10 years, hence why it's been unreliable.  There was an API which could be used to access the data before the acquisitions, but now it's gone in the interest of data monetization.  The original telnet interface still exists, but doesn't have any personal weather station data.

The API might officially be gone, but reload a personal weather station page, scroll to the bottom of the network log & it'll show it polling the latest data using the API.

It downloads the ages old JSON table.  The mane unknown is how long the apikeys last.  They no longer provide API keys through a formal interface, but clearly API keys are still being created & used.

 It seems to be following the path of  That was sold to which shut down a lot of features.  Then a number of acquisitions later, it was gone.

The runaway cost of land to put a weather station on is partly from Jeff Masters becoming a multimillionaire off of wunderground's data.  It's another example of  the creators of wealth getting starved by the wealth they create.