New CAD Files Available

A project log for FlowIO Platform

Miniature, modular pneumatics toolkit for control & sensing of Soft Robots and Programmable Materials, developed at MIT Media Lab

Ali ShtarbanovAli Shtarbanov 10/03/2021 at 03:250 Comments

The latest CAD files for FlowIO have now been released and are available for download in the open-source 3MF file format! You can download the new files in chapter 2 of

Here is one of the numerous articles about why 3MF is so great

This latest update of the enclosure now features a notch that securely connects the main module to any of the pump modules. Previously, the only mechanical connection between modules was the magnetic connector and the tubes that run on the sides. And this was not not enough, especially not in the case of the large pump module. But with this change, we now have a very strong connection between modules that would hold them together no matter how you turn and twist the FlowIO device. 

This will be the last update to the CAD files, and there are no further updates intended on this front for the foreseeable future.