eDP controller boards

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LVDS, eDP, connectors and controllers - let's learn it all

ArsenijsArsenijs 07/25/2021 at 12:450 Comments

This is a list of eDP display controller boards, with their parameters and some notes on each specific board. More boards will be added as I buy and test them.

a. HDMI-only board with flashable resolutions

These boards are typically available cheaply ($12/piece) with 1080p firmware flashed in.

b. HDMI+VGA board with flashable resolutions

There's different variations of this board floating around, some have additional connectors that can be soldered to if you'd like to embed the board in a project. You can switch between the VGA and the HDMI ports using the buttons.

c. HDMI-only board with jumper-adjustable resolutions

This board has an IR remote, for whatever reason - it doesn't seem to have any extra functions that the physical buttons won't give you.