Control Board Update

A project log for Number Matrix

A matrix built from sixteen boards each containing eight - four character seven segment displays for a total of 4096 individual segments.

seasleyeceseasleyece 05/24/2021 at 23:420 Comments

Unfortunately as I was excited to the display going I did not do much to document the control board assembly.  It went fairly well.  No white wires were needed as of yet. Only oppsie so far is that the two connectors for the display chains are about .05" to close to allow two ICD connectors to plug in.  Had to create crimp connectors for the other.

Things tested:

Things to tested: Basically everything not required to make lights blink...

Basic FPGA operation:

The FPGA is fairly straightforward.  Below is a list of the major modules and my "block diagram" of the internals.  I can provide more information if anyone is interested in how it works.

FPGA Modules:

FPGA Block diagram: