Stand version 3

A project log for LCD music display

Legible notes that don't cost a fortune

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 06/10/2021 at 18:060 Comments

A new batch of stands came off the printer.

Featuring all new latches

Much easier access to the electronicals.  Farther placement back.  Flaps to keep it from sliding forwards.

New confuser placement.

Plans continued for a pointing device.  All attention turned from trackballs back to an old fashioned mouse in the short term, eventually being replaced by a trackpad.

So the Elan 33059 isn't documented anywhere, but it's similar to a more common Synaptics described on

The ribbon cable pinout doesn't match, but the Elan version otherwise has the same signals as the Synaptics.  The test points are even labeled 

TD - PS2 data

TC - PS2 clock

T13_R - right button

T14_L - left button

T19_RR - scroll right

T20_RU - scroll up

T21_RL - scroll left

T22_RD - scroll down

TN - ?

TP - ?

Source code is scarce.  The best example was

There were comments about the source code working with an Elan chip.  It bit bangs the PS2 pins.  Sadly, a quick test showed TN & TP are not USB pins.