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lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 12/08/2021 at 20:490 Comments

Another strange photo from N Korea of the commander & chief with the cheapest trackball & a 1960's era confuser console.  That just about covers lions ever getting a $25 Logitech trackman, although a $32 Kensington Orbit may happen someday.  The home made touchpad has been just good enough.  It's mane problem is water sensitivity.  It's always been paw held.  Lions have never used the stylus.  The mane trackball need now is a slippery desk which a mouse pad has trouble sticking to.  Having said that, the mouse does work on the bare fake woodgrain.

A 3rd LCD controller arrived with a balky cable.  The connector has to be pressed just right.  This was the last of the lion kindgom's 1366x768 laptop screens from 2012.  The laptops since then were macbooks & an expensive Asus GL502V with a 1920x1080 panel.

Another 1 of the LCD panels frequently blacks out & recovers.  All the lion kingdom's HDMI displays occasionally black out & recover.  The internet says this is a problem with the HDMI signal path rather than the LCD driver.

In order to boost profits, the non profit raspberry pi foundation removed all discussion of 1366x768 not being supported on the 4, but still has it.