A project log for AR Glasses

low power laser projector for AR glasses to display vector graphics

JoelJoel 05/31/2021 at 13:110 Comments

The brain

For now I will be using an ESP32-WROOM-32 board as a brain for the glasses. It comes with built-in wireless capabilities, but can also be used in low-power applications. I will be using the Arduino Framework because I am most familiar with it. The plan is to generate vector data on my phone and extract coordinates into an analog signal. I will probably use an audio protocoll like I2S to transfer the data to the ESP.


I am planning to design a custom pcb that has a 100V DC-DC booster which I will try to turn into an analog voltage with a high voltage op-amp IC.


Depending on the required voltage I will use one or more small Li-Po batteries. I will also try to include a charging circuit and BMS, depending on the available space. I worry that the HV converter will require big capacitors and inductors, so the space will be tight.