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Please follow the steps below, If you are new and not well familiar with this ESP8266 module, or facing a problem while uploading the code

1.First Download the code from the link below. Now open Arduino and Go to File~New.

2.Now a new window will appear. Next, Delete all the existing code and Paste the given code.

3.In the code, you will find Additional Board Manager URL now copy the URL and do the next step. For Different OS you have a different option. MAC: Go to Arduino ~ Preferences Windows: Fille ~ Preferences

4.Now Paste it in the Additional Board Manager URL section and press Ok. Now go to Tools ~ Board ~ Boards Manager Search for ‘ESP8266‘ and install the latest version.

5.After the installation Then go to Tools ~ Board and then select the ESP-12E Module. So, The Board is selected Now.

6.Next, Select the Right COM Port.

7.Then compile the Programme First and then Upload it to NodeMCU. After a few seconds, the code will be compiled and then Uploaded to NodeMCU Car.

The link you have to paste on Arduino IDE

Additional Board Manager URL: