Designed Thru-Hole Front Panel

A project log for 8 Bit Computer Front Panel

VHDL code for I2C Control of Front Panel with 32 pushbuttons and 32 LEDs 06/20/2021 at 01:010 Comments

The current front panel design has some fine pitch parts which make it harder for some to assemble.

Designed a thru-hole version. It's a bit tight but definitely doable. Will take about a month to order/build/test. After that I will put it up for sale on Tindie. Here's a view of the board and control button legends.

This is the rear side view. The resistors get installed on rear side. The I2C daisy chain, I2C base address and IC termination headers are on the rear side of the card. The I2C headers should be right angle headers to facilitate a lower profile/installation for connection to the FPGA card (mounted below when used with compatible Land Boards cards (like the RETRO-EP4CE15 card).