Wrapping it all up!

A project log for Message Me

Cute communication between someone younger in your life using EMOJIs.

Trey AughenbaughTrey Aughenbaugh 7 days ago0 Comments

FInished the HTML files, resized the extra Emoji icons, including some special ones that her granddaughter will love.  One of her making a funny face as well as her mom.

Got all the pages created on the NExtion.

The main, page, the Emoji page and the Setup Page.

Dumped a list of the files in a terminal window from SPIFF and created an excel formula to generate the file syntax for the 17 static files.

example: server.serveStatic("/zepto.min.js", SPIFFS, "/zepto.min.js","max-age=86400");

Change the credentials using the setup page to use my friend's io.adafruit credentials instead of mine.

Put in an invalid Wifi password to make sure I would be able to reset the credentials without reprogramming it.

Glued the MIcro USB connector and button in place. 

Put the screen on, took the screen off, put the screen on and off a few more times enjoying the cool magnetic sound.

Nonstick feet added too.

Sent lots of messages back and forth from the displays as well as the webserver pages.

No errors, seems to be ready.