Logos are important

A project log for Stock Ticker Machine

An old style stock ticker machine for the modern world

secretbatcavesecretbatcave 06/13/2021 at 17:160 Comments

Normally I'd not bother with a logo, but as I've been given a Illustrator license through work, and the explosion in cheap heritage style clip art, means that its easier than ever for me to make a logo. Not only that, with the workbee its trivial to get that logo engraved in brass.

When engraving its really really important to make sure that your workbed is parallel to the spindle *and* that you've clamped your workpiece properly. As the depth of cut is <0.25mm it makes all the difference. TLDR: make sure you've surfaced your spoilerboard.

When I was designing the logo, I realised that the stock base that comes with the HÄRLIGA isn’t tall enough to house the solenoids. So I need to mill a base extension:

This is useful because I now have a form to hammer the logo plate into.

Here is the finished logo in place.

Indian ink and acrylic gloss makes it much more believable: