HD TV in Hoodie

A Hoodie that has flexible mobile phone quality screens to display social media postings and streaming media.

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The LCD displays technologies have advanced and we now have access to flexible HD displays that are mobile phone quality displays. We will make a new generation wearable social media posting hoodie with the ability to stream video including Netflix to the hoodie. The hoodie will be trimmed in e-Ink static displays to help with the messaging and aesthetics of the hoodie. A camera in the back will allow for fun pass through display.

Displaying your emotions in high resolution or streaming a video game or displaying social media messages  on your hoodie are now possible with new flexible wearable display screen.  We will hack commercial flexible display panels and make them wearable, adding 2 displays to the front of the hoodie.  on top of the display we will add e-Ink's latest multi color e ink trim for messaging and url or QR code display.   We also plan to add ToF sensors to know how close people are from the screen. Then we plan to connect to WiFi in our test.  once we can show streaming media  and our social media account for this hoodie, we will add mobility (4 or 5G modem).  a front facing camera is added so we can create a hole in the chest look (pass through look)  

  • 2 × Flexible HD LCD Display
  • 1 × LCD Controller
  • 1 × HDMI Connector (Micro to Micro)
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4Gig
  • 1 × Power Brick

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