Weight Considerations

A project log for Solar Display Case

Three portable low-power 17 inch monitors stored in a rolling briefcase with five 20 watt solar panels for power anywhere

Brian WhitsettBrian Whitsett 06/22/2021 at 14:270 Comments

One of the obstacles in this project is providing added functionality in a portable package. Weight is an aspect of portability, and with v2.0 we are adding more features, which in turn adds more weight. The increased battery capacity is going to account for most of the weight in the project, coupled with the weight of the displays and solar panels it is going to be very heavy without additional modification. Once I have all of the raw materials, I will have to hack the existing frames and remove as much weight as possible. Constructing a new screen frame for each monitor with the solar panel actually built in is most likely going to be my best bet as far as reducing the physical size and weight. These frames can be 3D printed or crafted from carbon fiber as well. v2.0 might even find itself in an entirely new case, possibly a waterproof one like below or a custom fabrication that uses the solar panels as the case structure itself! I'm exploring all my options!

Overcoming challenges is always a part in every project, and in life. You can let yourself get frustrated, or you can have fun solving the problems as they come. The latter solution is by far the more productive option, and will lead to a much better experience building your project, and a much better end product.